Butyl Tape

Are you in the market for a sturdy and long-lasting adhesive tape? Look no further! Our butyl tape is an extremely strong adhesive sealing tape which is a standard among construction and roofing tape in Sydney and Melbourne due to its strength and durability. Butyl tape has developed a reputation for being able to withstand conditions other tapes cannot. Our butyl tape is a double duty tape with strong adhesion and sealing properties and is available in two sizes for your varying needs.

Butyl tape is originally used for roofing repairs and construction, as it is a dependable tape in any weather conditions. You can use this strong tape for many different things, however, it works best on roofing projects. It is the perfect tape to cover and seal cracks or small holes and you can rest easy knowing that the tape can withstand any normal weather conditions. If you are searching for strong, weather-durable tape for your construction or roofing job, look no further than our butyl tape.

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