Cardboard Corners

Corner Protectors

  • Corner protectors come in either cardboard or plastic and are used to protect the goods being shipped and give the maximum tightness without damaging the edges.
  • Cardboard corners are made from recycled board and also come in a waterproof range suitable for cold rooms and freezer products.
  • Plastic Edge protectors are used as strapping guards to stop the strapping form cutting into the goods and damaging the contents. They also have ridges to hold the strap in place, further helping secure the goods during transport.
  • Corner protectors come in standard sizes and can also be made to specific sizes, so please contact Emjay Products with your enquiry and we would only be too happy to help you with a solution.



Cardboard Corners 1170mm x 60/60mm
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Cardbaord Corners  1170mmx 60/60mm   

Minimum quantity for "Cardboard Corners 1170mm x 60/60mm" is 24.